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Exterior painting is the most effective way to protect your property from weather damage. And thus, costly repairs later down the line. A fresh coat of paint will not only prevent moisture and mould from growing during cold and wet weather. But also give a bright and clean appearance to your property throughout the year.

Real Painters London provides you with high-quality exterior painting services in London. Everything you need to prepare your home for even the most severe weather conditions. Extending the life and look of your property long into the future.

What our painting process includes

The method our team uses for exterior painting is a little bit different from that of interior painting. It involves:

  • Preparation work – Before starting any painting job, your team will clean up all dust and dirt, remove efflorescence, repair and re-point masonry, scrape the dried plaster, strip flaky paint, eliminate rust and strip painted iron or steel. They'll also sand, patch and fill all cracks, repair render, add caulk or fillers if necessary and apply a primer.

  • Renovation and decoration work – Your team will choose the most suitable paint depending on the material your exterior walls are made from (wood, masonry or metal). Then they will paint your whole façade including the ledges and sills, windows, doors and frames, cornices, columns and the other decorative elements of the building. If your walls are porous and require water-based masonry paint, your team will thin the first coat with 20% water and then put down one or two full-strength coats of paint. In cases where your surfaces need solvent-based masonry paint, we will thin the first coat with 15% water and follow up with one or two full-strength coats of paint.

Why choose Real Painters London?

Along with your exterior walls and surfaces, Real Painters London can also take care of the appearance of your decking, fences, sheds, garden furniture and storage, playhouses, drainpipes and more. We’ve got the necessary equipment, tools and materials to restore your property's beauty and ensure your full satisfaction.

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to revive their home, a seller who is looking to add value to their property or a landlord wishing to improve the condition of a house for future tenants, Real Painters London is the best choice for your exterior painting needs in London.

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