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Wallpapering isn't an easy task to get right. No matter how simple it might sound. Real Painters London offers specialised wallpapering services to all kinds of properties in London. They're designed to help you decorate your home in a unique way, offering you much greater personalisation than almost any other service on the market.

What do you need from your wallpapering services in London?

  • For correct installation of wallpaper, proper preparation of the surfaces is required - this is included in your service

  • You can also get some professional tips as to how to install wallpaper yourself and how to maintain it in the future

  • For your convenience, we can also strip old wallpaper from your walls and ceilings - this is highly recommended if you are planning to apply new coverings

Whatever the type of wallpaper you've chosen: whether vinyl, fabric, foils, grass cloth, embossed, flock or hand-printed - it all need to be properly installed. Getting professional expertise in to handle it is strongly recommended. This is a job which requires great attention to detail in order minimise material waste and maximise the smoothness and evenness of your coat of decorative paper.

How working with Real Painters London works

You can always feel free to contact us to receive a rough estimate on the service you need. Just in case you need to budget for your remodelling project properly.

We offer wallpapering to both residential and commercial building owners, so there is no limit to the scope of workload we are willing to undertake.

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Take advantage of our knowhow and get the job done professionally in next-to-no time. Our highly qualified teams are prompt in responding to your remodelling request. And, given that they work flexible hours, it's easy to fit us in to your schedule no matter how tight it is.

If you require further information, pick up the phone and call us on 020 3026 9530. Our support team will be pleased to address whatever concerns you might have.

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